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Does everyone attending the trip need a license?

It depends, certain exemptions apply. For example, youth under the age of 17 do not need a fishing license. However, if they wish to retain a red drum over the maximum length, they can purchase an Exempt Angler Tag for $3.

Here is a link to additional fishing licenses information:


Where can I obtain a fishing license?

In Galveston, a license can be obtained at the two locations below. Make sure to request a red drum tag in addition to your license.

Additional license agents:


May we bring our own life jackets?

Yes, as long as the life jackets meet Coast Guard requirements and approved by the Captain.

Can we bring our own fishing equipment?

Yes, but please discuss with the Captain before the trip.

What is the best time to fish during the year?

It depends on the targeted species. Different species spawn at different times a year so that species may bite better during their spawning times than it would on a daily basis. Offshore fishing is good all year but again pending the targeted species, certain times a year may be better than other times. The most commonly caught reef fish offshore of Galveston on our trips is the Red Snapper. This year Red Snapper opens on June 1, 2014. There is a lot of other edible species that may be harvested all year so pending the time a year your party would like to go we will make sure to target fish you can keep.

Are there additional license requirements for federal waters?

Yes, federal permits are required for all charter boats fishing in federal waters. Our boat has all the federal permit requirements. Other boats may not have these, so be sure to check if you choose another company.

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